The Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2010/11

The most sexy, gorgeous, sultry fashion show on Earth, Victoria's secret fashion show.
I wish Miranda Kerr and Douzen were in part of the show. But I still loved some of the New Faces : )



Went to have lunch at this Japanese spaghetti place in MBK shopping mall.

We went have ice cream @ icedea in Art Center. Its a very artsy place and the ice-creams are really good. I had brownie and apple crumble flavor :D

After lunch had crazy shopping sprees with my girl KAT. will post up pictures of what I got soon :)

Later at night we went to a place call Tease for dinner and couple of drinks.

I went to Bangkok for few days to sort out my University stuff. I had an exam and interview, it went really well. I was accepted and I'm starting my University life next week in Bangkok :D I had lunch with my old friends from Bangkok (went to high school in Chiang Mai)

take a deep breath.

I went out to have a lunch with my girlfriends that day. relaxing mode |:


Lovely bones

Abbey Lee Kershaw by Rafael Stahelin in Lovely Bones | Vogue Korea April 2010


Meet my friends. coz they're fucking insane

Mai Aurell Foulser, Louis Aurell Foulser, Li Philips, Alexander Kessler, Rafaela Kraushaar, Somil Mehta, Tang Tawanwadw Wanavit, Jim Park, Kyra Di Cato, Gina Bourne, Nina Mariana Pascha, Lara Bartlett, Ssu Kim and and moreeeee <3

I have such beautiful friends <3