Its been a while since I got back to Tokyo, Japan and so far its been great. I've been stuffing myself with delicious food. I haven't really gone shopping yet (but I will be) and of course if I do I'll post up pictures. I've got few stuff since I got back and the pictures will be post it up soon!


Vogue Italia: Beauty Story

Love the lollipop colours and flower prints/laces, feel the spring?

Photography by Richard Burbridge


Japan here I come.

My grandmothers memento: Silver bag and some silver accessories. My grandmother has a collection of old ancient accessories and cloth. Some of them are from the late BC, it belongs in a museum....



I won't be seeing you for a while :( My teacup poodle, Chocola

So I've been back home for a while which is in Chiang Mai and its been a super relaxing time and of course, AMAZING :) But that went by really fast! I was in Bangkok packing my stuff to go home and next thing I know I had to pack my bag again to leave Chiang Mai.... leaving to my next destination -> Tokyo, Japan my another home. Anyways, I've been packing all day and I hate packing! I usually over pack and end up taking up so much space... well here are some of the stuff I'm taking with me. I stuffed all my accessories in that pink bag.


Sunday Market

Sunday market 'walking street' opens every Sunday in Chiang Mai. Where many tourists and young people goes there to buy cheap hand crafts and traditional thai goods. A lot of artsy stuffs, cute bags, accessories and a lot of food :D Love it there.


Bangkok City

Went to meet up with the boys shopping in Town. The center of BKK city 'SIAM' where all the goods are :D


The Whitest Boy Alive

The Whitest boy alive concert was held at Bangkok Moonstar Studio. I very much enjoyed the concert and the musics! Its indie rock/electronic and bit of funk. So its chilled but bit of dance beat to it :) Must listen to their musics!