Japan here I come.

My grandmothers memento: Silver bag and some silver accessories. My grandmother has a collection of old ancient accessories and cloth. Some of them are from the late BC, it belongs in a museum....



I won't be seeing you for a while :( My teacup poodle, Chocola

So I've been back home for a while which is in Chiang Mai and its been a super relaxing time and of course, AMAZING :) But that went by really fast! I was in Bangkok packing my stuff to go home and next thing I know I had to pack my bag again to leave Chiang Mai.... leaving to my next destination -> Tokyo, Japan my another home. Anyways, I've been packing all day and I hate packing! I usually over pack and end up taking up so much space... well here are some of the stuff I'm taking with me. I stuffed all my accessories in that pink bag.

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